Making sure you have the right resources is extremely important here and for you to be successful. If you are experiencing an issue, please utilize all of your resources to get the help you need.

  • Contact Arise Support (see details below)
  • Contact your Opportunity’s support (if you are already servicing)
  • Google: Don’t underestimate the power of the World Wide Web.
  • Contact Joni via text during normal business hours (9am – 6pm) CST (Monday – Saturday)
  • Complete the Online Help Form via the CSP Resources section.


Access AVA by clicking the blue chat bubble located at the bottom right in the Portal.

AVA is not like Google. Entering one or two key words will not help find the right answer (e.g. “service revenue calendar”). You must ask AVA a full question (e.g. “Where can I find a copy of the 2020 Service Revenue Calendar?”).

We have made enhancements to AVA, so that AVA will provide more relevant, contextual and personalized answers.

Highlights include:
Support is available on mobile.
If live chat is required, it will seamlessly transition from chatbot to live chat in one window – no need to go to a new window.
Answers can now include images and attachments.
User can provide feedback on answers, e.g., Was this helpful? Yes/No.

In the event that AVA is not able to answer your question or resolve your issue, you can chat live with a specialist.

Depending on the issue, resolution times will vary.


US Emailregistration@registration.arise.com

Support Availability:
Technical Support – 24/7/365
Partner/Enrollment – Mon – Fri 8:00 AM – Midnight ET
Registration – Mon – Fri 8: 00 AM – Midnight ET

Support Includes:

  • Registration
  • Certification
  • Password resets
  • Telephony issues
  • Access/Client codes
  • SOWs
  • Invoicing
  • Service Revenue
  • Platoform Login Issues

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