Hey boss!

Are you starting a business or maybe currently have a business and need some clear direction, guidance, and fresh ideas? I’m here to help.

With 20+ years of industry experience, I’ve been able to help business owners, just like you, start their business and grow. I understand that business can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be! Let’s do this together! 

For one full hour, we will chat and brainstorm about your business to create a plan of action to get you to the next level!

During our session you will receive:

  • A one on one brainstorming session to give you new and fresh ideas
  • A guided plan of action tailored to fit your business’ needs
  • My 20 years of business knowledge and expertise
  • A hands on Boss experience

Are you ready? LET’S GROW!!!!

Hear from my awesome clients

I started my business a year ago and didn't have a clue to what to do. I knew I had an idea, but I had no plan. Then Joni came along! YOU CHANGED MY LIFE!! Thank you!! Your mentoring helped me to have a clear view of what I needed to do and how I needed to begin. I have seen a measurable difference in my profits and it's all because of you! THANK YOU AGAIN!!

Tasha S. Online Boutique Owner

Joni, where have you been? I wish I would've met you earlier! I thought I had my business together only to find out I didn't. I was ready to throw in the towel then a friend suggested I contact you and I did. Thank you for helping me see what I needed to do change things and helping me to become more focused! You are heaven sent!

Chanda C. CEO

I started working with Joni for my website and ended up joining her mentoring program. I learned so much during our time together and really got a clearer view and vision for my company as a whole. Thank you Joni for not only the work on my site, but also being a great mentor!

Rachel L. Travel Agent