For Real Estate Agents

Virtual Real Estate Transaction Coordinator services for today’s real estate professional. Helping you focus on what you do best..SELL PROPERTIES

Transaction Coordination Service

Ensuring a smooth closing process for you and your client! I’ll dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s!

  • Review deadlines & timelines
  • Delivery of executed contract to all applicable parties
  • Open escrow
  • Confirmation of Escrow deposit
  • Introductory email invitation to all parties to participate in transaction
  • Get signatures from all parties
  • Schedule the final walk through
  • Convey all final closing instructions to both buyer and seller
  • Ensure all parties agree with final closing disclosures
  • Coordinate the closing time and location with all parties
  • Track delivery of lender’s closing document to the title company (if applicable)
  • Scheduling of inspections for home (including termite, radon, etc. when applicable) within contractual deadline
  • Tracking & verification of repairs and collection of receipts
  • Automated email and optional reminder of scheduled inspections to select or all parties
  • Facilitate title commitment
  • Order new survey and elevation certificates (if necessary)
  • Acquire existing survey and title policy (if valid)
  • Confirm the home warranty elections have been acted on
  • Confirmation of mortgage application with Loan Officer
  • Monitor underwriting process, including loan commitment and clear to close
  • Track ordering of appraisal and appraisal results
  • Ensure all insurance related tasks are completed
  • Send documents and invoices to title company and lender (when necessary)
  • Research & confirmation of transfer fees (if applicable) with management company
  • Confirmation of buyer application and interview (if required)
  • Distribution of restrictions and bylaws electronically to buyers
  • Communication of fees and approvals to attorney/title company

Flat Rate Fee

No up-front costs